These are blogs which have been heckled by the blog heckler. Some have been reviewed, but some haven't. The reviews can be found at http://blogheckler.blogspot.com. You will find comments from me and my followers in these blogs somewhere, unless they are the type of cowards to take them down.

Saturday, February 07, 2004

These are mostly links that I've heckled at the site of the blog, but have not reviewed. However, I have decided to include the reviewed and heckled blogs at this location, for easy access to the heckler army. I will start putting dates on this as of tomorrow, so that you will know where to look for comments from me.

Spaced out idiotic blonde.


None, indeed

We hope the breathing stops soon.

"Amanda," AKA three pimply college boys.

Yes. Yes, he is an idiot.


lamers galore!

Stale bread is more exciting

Very lame "advice column"

Retarded Teenage Ninjas

More retardedness

Sugarmama. Nuff said. Well, except for the fact that my comments on her site make her very paranoid. I'll tell the whole story someday.

Very bad fiction.


Scatter-brained Canadian

King of the ProZac

One of THE lamest blogs on the net.

Witch Cunt

heckler wannabe

Christian faggot

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